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For whom the bells toll

For whom the bells toll. Meditation number 13 is a reading that I will never forget. But not the essence of this particular posting. With me trying to maintain two separate but similar blogs, I am trying to figure the purpose of the two said blogs. I don’t want to bring to and end either blog, so what I am planning to do, for you who read these blogs, I am going to keep this one up and I am going to make this the main one for my photography venture and slight philosophical blog, and my blog that is found at Word of Mouth Journal is my more philosophical based website and my postings for my music. This is not an end for this site. This is only the beginning. Don’t be scared, anytime that you do, all you have to do is stand outside and wish upon the second star on the right, the brighter one and know that there will be more to come with this website. I am just working on a better work flow for both websites.


Oh, also, in the next month or so, look forward to seeing a bit of news about a book that I am writing. I have no idea if I will be able to publish it. But hopes are high that if I am able to but a little out there for your reading pleasure maybe some good will come of it.


All is well in wonderland. Until next we meet



In the Midst of Change

In a blog that I wrote a while back called “In the Midst of Darkness”, I had some thoughts that I wanted to expand upon. I wrote about the ever change of our surroundings and even in our thought process that we have today. The thought that we had today may had led to our surroundings and our thought process today, but everything changes in our lives. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we go back to sleep. I know quite well that this is a scary thought, because from the personality I have, I tend to set myself and my surroundings in a very routine way. I get comfort in knowing that what routine I do today will still be in place tomorrow. Part of the reason that I am writing about this train of thought is for the simple fact, my idea of this world has slightly changed and how I want to live in it has slightly changed. In my ever changing routine of meditating on my life and correcting me and my immediate surroundings, I have concluded that through my thoughts and through my surroundings, people change, ideas change, my own thoughts change and even my simple constant routines have changed. It’s a scary thought but it is something that is inevitable. Without change without a little unknown thrown your way, there wouldn’t be any way that a human could develop the skills we need to make it through the day. If we had no conception of change, our minds would be still as infants. Compare it to going through grade school to middle school to high school to college to the “real world”. Think in your own life how scary those changes were. Going from grade school to middle school. It was scary because you didn’t know the teachers, you would meet a lot more other kids. And the same goes with going to high school, and then on. Change is something we need in our lifes to force us to move on from the past, may it be past failures or past victories. We need change. So in the midst of my change, I bid it well and hope my change will be a much needed one and I thank it for coming at the time that it did so I can push myself to the next level and next chapter in my life. Here goes nothing

Back to the Future….so to speak

SO, this is the first time in a while that I have made myself sit down, and write a blog. What shall I write about, I have no clue. I have no clear cut plan of action for this blog. Wait, I do now I want to share with you the lesson of the hour that was shared with me this past Sunday. If you check out my Google+ page it will be posted there as well. Now mind you the lesson that was provided me has not retained it’s Full originality, but nontheless, I hope you enjoy:

The Great Book states to love your neighbors and hate your enemies. But I say love your enemies and pray for the endlessly. Today, I had sort of a history lesson. About two nations hating each other. Imagine yourself, inside you house having a sort of reunion with your family. You haven’t seen your grandparents let alone your own parents in quite some time. Everyone was going to be there. From mother and father to aunts and uncles on both sides and both sets of grandparents. We are cooking up some hefty southern meal like any country boy is used to, homemade biscuits, sausage gravy, some collards, dad and pop outside having a drink while grilling some ham and chicken.

Well, while everyone is relaxing, you see your worst enemy come in and destroy everything, killing everyone on site. They get to your mother who is running toward you trying to cover you and somehow save you But gets shot in the back. They look you over realizing they are just going to use you to carry your valuables as an offering to the enemy leaders.This tragic story goes on to say 40 miles of walking on bruises and nearly dying all of a sudden on the outskirts of your new home where you are to become a slave and whatever else they would want, you faint and there is a soldier that comes your way and anoints your wounds with the finest oils and wines and carries you on his ride to a place where you weren’t expecting and you were placed in the care of physicians and brought back to life.

This is a story from Jewish history when the Samaritans plundered their lands and took everything they had. But out of the ashes of a message from God, they did the right thing and took them to peace. In correlation to this story in Luke there was the story of the good Samaritan, which we all heard of. This story was told in the idea to help teach us what unconditional love and mercies were. To love your neighbor as yourself and love you enemy better then you would yourself. You see, this life has so many shortcomings of not showing or having enough love to anyone. Proof of such, I turn on the news and see that a woman was stabbed to death 12 times floating down a stream, or so many married people end up so miserable with each other and so fed up the thought of harming the other would possibly come across.

I sat there thinking how hard it is for each of us to love people we like a lot as much as we love and protect ourselves, let alone love the people that we are against, maybe because we have seen them attack our home, or any given wrong they have done to us. But this simple commandment of thought and living is the first and foremost plan that we as people can learn from and share with one another. If we get past the bias ideas of hatred we have of people and look at them for the beauty that they hold, we will grow as one as a body of people.

So I say love yourself less and the people that make up your world more. This is the greatest teaching in the world, and with no barrier of religion of faith. Love is good love is kind, it sees no defects it sees no wrong, love is unconditional. Help me by helping yourself, love your the people that bring you down. The only way they win is seeing you hurt and seeing you down in the gutters. If you show that it doesn’t phase you and continue showing them love and peace they have no choice but to back down. Help the world see better days.

Living Out of Purpose

Recently, I have been thinking about how to live a purpose filled life. How do we go about, or better yet to make this blog more personal and more thought provoking for myself, how do I go about really finding a purpose to live for. Well, for me personally, this is a question that I have yet to fully grasp. I am still trying to figure out my purpose in this life. Day by day, I am seeing new things unfold and new ideas form in front of me and I see how people react to me and how I influence and shape the feelings around me. I am starting to see that the way I react to certain things, how I act toward others, my personal goal in life is simply to make others feeling like they have some security in life, I seem to brighten a room right when I walk in the door. Not to sound arrogant in any way, that in not the purpose of me saying this, but many people at the new store that I am at are starting to say that I am their favorite manager simply for the fact that I enjoy having fun in the life that I show them at work. I am starting to see that the light that I shine in their lives for 8 to 9 hours a day is making some type of impact on the way they react and the way that they treat their own life. As a manager, we are to inspire and to motivate people to do better in their jobs; and at first this was something hard for me to grasp simply because I wasn’t living to the fullest extent of my purpose. And to be honest with myself and my creator, I don’t believe that we as individuals and myself as a human can fully go about life and still live our purpose. So what is my purpose? Well, right now I see part of my purpose is making one more individual smile, push one more individual to their potential in this current situation, and to share my current happiness so for that one moment in time that we are fully granted, someone else can see what it feels like to see what Heaven feels like.


To fully grasp my full purpose here, I won’t fully comprehend. I am trying to live my life for today, it’s too much struggle to try and plan too far into the future, simply because you don’t know if you are going to make it that far. As morbid as this sounds it’s true. And as for fully understanding why I am here, with each new day that I am granted, there is one more lesson that I can learn from and hopefully I that will teach me something new about my life I didn’t know the day before.

Now for something a little less heavy for your head enjoy this picture that I received in an email for my nephew Reese.

Remember, to achieve peace in the world, we need to embrace the human element, that every person has their own story and their own background. Try and understand them fully before you bash their personality.


What have you read today?

So, in the past couples days, namely Wednesday I was able to spend some time to myself and start back reading, which is something that I hold dear, mainly because it calms me and keeps me sane. But because of my odd work hours, it’s been a couple of months since last since I was able to pick up a book to read for recreation. Currently I am reading “The Lucky One” by Nicholas Sparks. Yes I am a fan of this southern love author. There is something compelling in the way that he writes his books, even though he doesn’t seem to write his books not based in a small, quaint southern town of North Carolina, the objection on his books always seem to drive into the heart of the reader and pull out some new meaning of love and friendship needed to be learned. And this particular book is going to be made into a movie soon if it not already in production.

I am so happy to be able to get back into my books. Simply for the fact that it opens up my mind to create beautiful imagery that over time gets numb down from being shown on a television screen, a computer screen, of whatever. Reading words and letting your brain seen for a moment what the author is trying to say something short of a miracle that doesn’t need to go to waste.

Now I am the type of person that doesn’t have a particular “favorite” season of books. If you look at my very little library, (which I have shunned myself away from book stores for the spending too much money in), my books range from mythology to current religions to nonfiction, science books, musical books, to crime books, humor, drama, and finally to romance. My taste in books is almost like my taste in music: being greatly appreciative of each sound of music. I guess you could say, if you took a look at my library that my favorites would go in the order from largest would be religious, crime/dramatics and southern writers. Now, I do classify southern authors by themselves because, if you pay attention to their work, they really have no set course of writing style. Meaning, they write across the board, romance, suspense/drama, humor, and religious. They cover every genre of writing styles, which in some particulars these authors are my favorite.

Ah the beauty of words and the beauty of the authors in our era. May the sounds of your minds be quiet and loud just enough so you are able to make some peace and understanding of such so you will continue to write and so I can continue to read more books from you.